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Read our newest legal policies and Terms of Use to see your rights as an organiser of events or an attendee of those events. Including the rights we reserve for the use of our services.

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Privacy Policy

Explore the comprehensive Privacy Policy of Presso Network to understand our steadfast commitment to safeguarding your personal information. This page provides a clear insight into the type of data we collect, how it's utilised, and the robust measures we employ to ensure its utmost protection. Our goal is to foster a secure, enriching interaction platform while respecting your privacy. Navigate through our policy to learn about your rights and our obligations, ensuring a transparent, trust-filled experience as you engage with the Presso Network.

Terms of User

Navigate through the Terms of Use governing your interaction with Presso Network. This page delineates the rules and guidelines for using our platform, ensuring a respectful, compliant, and enriching user experience. Acquaint yourself with the stipulations that aim to foster a beneficial and lawful engagement with Presso Network, promoting a harmonious community and transparent user interactions.

End User License Agreement

Dive into the End User License Agreement (EULA) of Presso Network, which outlines the legal framework governing the utilisation of our software and services. This document is crucial for understanding the rights, restrictions, and obligations pertaining to the use of Presso Network's offerings, ensuring a clear, compliant, and beneficial engagement for all users.

Cookie Statement

Explore Presso Network's Cookie Statement, elucidating how cookies is not utilised to augment your browsing experience and furnish personalised services. This statement provides insight into all the types of cookies we don't use use, their purpose, and the way you can manage them, ensuring transparency and empowering you to have control over your data while interacting with any platform.

Earnings Disclaimer

Presso Network's Earnings Disclaimer delineates the boundaries regarding financial outcomes associated with utilising our services and offerings. This disclaimer is crafted to ensure transparency and set realistic expectations for our users, elucidating that the success and earnings tied to our services and offerings are contingent on various factors and not guaranteed.