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Embarking on the demanding journey of conference organisation? You're not alone on this path. Our blog is your compass, guiding you through the intricate labyrinth of event intricacies. From pinpointing keynote speakers to nailing down the logistical details, we've meticulously curated insights that cater to every organiser's dilemma. Here, you'll find the collective wisdom distilled from countless successful conferences and summits we've aided over the years. Delve into tales of triumphs and lessons learned, each post a beacon illuminating your way to a seamless conference experience. Our dedication? To ensure you craft not just an event, but an unforgettable experience for every attendee. And, in sharing our reservoir of knowledge, we aim to foster a bond, so when the call arises, we unite in crafting exceptional conferences.

Tips, Tricks and Guides

Learn how to grow your business with our experience.


Create A Productive Remote Working Setup

Discover practical tips to revitalise your remote working setup for enhanced productivity. From crafting a conducive workspace to structuring your day, dive into our insights for a balanced and efficient remote work experience.


4 Killer Networking Tips for Engaging Encounters

Discover four killer networking tips from Presso Network for successful in-person networking. Learn how to value your network, prepare effectively, engage authentically, and master the follow-up for lasting connections.


Top Co-Working Spaces for Networking in London

Explore London's vibrant co-working scene to expand your professional network. Engage with innovative startups, attend insightful events, and immerse in communities fostering collaboration and growth. Discover your next networking haven now.


The Ultimate Networking Checklist

Navigate through networking events with ease and purpose. Our ultimate checklist guides you on how to prepare, who to connect with, and how to ensure your networking efforts are rewarding. Your path to meaningful professional connections begins here.


Maintaining Networking Relationships Post-Event

Transition from fleeting interactions to enduring professional relationships with our guided steps. Discover how to nurture and maintain the connections you've established at networking events. Your journey from a brief hello to meaningful engagements starts here.


Unlikely Business Partnerships That Thrived

Explore a collection of unlikely business partnerships that defied conventions yet succeeded, unveiling the potential of creative collaborations. Discover how these daring alliances reaped benefits, creating a buzz and enhancing brand visibility.


The Future of Networking Events

Dive into the transformation journey of networking events, unraveling how technology and generational shifts are reshaping professional interactions. Explore the seamless blend of online and offline networking realms, the casual ambiance ushered in by Millennials, and the tech advancements enhancing connectivity.


The Evolution of the Events Industry

Uncover how the events industry is pivoting from traditional in-person gatherings to innovative digital experiences, ensuring connectivity and engagement in a rapidly changing world.


The Evolution of Business Networking: What's Next?

Delve into the latest trends shaping the business networking landscape. From automation to virtual events, explore how networking is evolving to create more seamless and enriching connection experiences for professionals.