Transparent Pricing Unveiled

Tired of Guessing Prices? Not Here. βœ‹ With us, there's no guesswork β€” only full transparency, allowing you to understand your investment upfront.

Where many hide, we shine a light. 🌟 While countless alternatives play hide-and-seek with their prices, waiting for that sales call to reveal, we stand apart. We understand the tactics, but we believe in empowering YOU. Sure, our competitors might see our prices, but we're prioritising your trust and clarity. So here it is, everything laid out. Dive in, and let's find the perfect match for your ambitions without any hidden games.

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Updated: 2 December, 2023

Dear Retail Conference, Congress & Summit Organisers πŸ“…,

Transparency: A Rarity or Our Norm? πŸ€”

In a landscape where competitors mask their prices behind layers of secrecy, do you ever wonder why? 🎭

We do. And our conclusion? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

The Art of Concealment: An age-old ploy, making you tread the long validation route, culminating in that suspenseful phone call.

But, what if we told you there's a better way? 🌈

We're all about clear and upfront figures. Why waste both our times if the alignment isn't spot-on? πŸ•°οΈ

Your realm - retail conference, congress, and summit organisation - is our specialty. And it's this dedication and expertise that reflects in our price πŸ’Ό.

Being open about our pricing isn't just a gesture; it's our philosophy. It empowers decisions, cuts through delays, and establishes trust 🀝.

Imagine a world where you understand every aspect of a partnership before that initial phone call, including the investment πŸ“ž.

We're here to make that a reality. No riddles, no games, just complete transparency 🌟.

So, dear organiser, are you ready for a fresh change in the world of retail conferences? πŸ”„

It's high time for a revolution, and with us, you're not just a spectator; you're at the heart of it ❀️.

Brace yourselves, because what follows is the epitome of clarity. With a drumroll... Our pricing, loud and clear! πŸ₯

Our Services

Choose the path that's right for you.


Fully bespoke and individually designed websites for retail organisers and conferences.

Β£4,000 /website

Book a Strategy Session
  • Fully bespoke websites
  • SEO optimised
  • Hosting and Maintenance
  • GDPR Compliant Analytics

Presso Platinum

Everything in websites, plus ticketing, conference app, landing pages and premium support.

Β£6,000 /event

I want a bespoke app
  • Fully bespoke event app
  • Hosting and Maintenance
  • Advanced analytics
  • 60-min support response time (9-21 GMT)

Presso Gold

Full featured conference apps, build, launch and hosted on our dedicated platform.

Β£1,200 /event

I just need an event app
  • Event App on our platform
  • Hosting and Maintenance
  • Basic analytics
  • 120-min support response time (9-21 GMT)

Presso Core

This is the self-serice version, where we give your the platform and you build the app.

Β£1 / per attendee, per day

I can build it myself
  • You build the content
  • We host the app
  • Basic analytics
  • 6-hour, dedicated support response time


Today isn't about making a definitive "yes" or "no". It's about empowering you to make a fully informed choice about the services that we deliver 🧠.

True clarity only comes from the inside, and we're offering you a glimpse from that vantage point. Dive deep, explore, and see if everything we've shared resonates with your vision and values πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ.

Commit only when you're convinced. Not a moment before. And should you feel any disconnect, know that there are no hard feelings. Jump on a call, let's talk and see if the stars align, and if they don't, it's okay. Your peace of mind mirrors ours 🀝.

Think of it this way: you wouldn't buy a house without peeking inside, right? So why would this be any different? It's about trust and assurance, and we're here to build both with you 🏠.

Fast forward 30 minutes, or even 30 days, if you aren't happy with our services, neither are we 😒. Drop us a note at with the straightforward message: "gimme my money back". No hoops, no hurdles.

Our swiftness in responding? On average, we reply within a lightning-fast 61 minutes (between 9-21 GMT) ⏰. Such a promise is birthed from the sheer confidence in our offerings.

With us, you're not just investing in a service, but a promise, a commitment, and a journey. Take the leap and reap the BENEFITS πŸš€!

Limited Digital Deep Dive Session

Ever wished you had a clear map for your conference's digital needs? Book a 1-on-1 strategy session with our experts. We'll dive deep into your requirements, answer all your questions, and leave you with a comprehensive digital blueprint. It's a 100%, no-commitment, no pushy sales people talk with one of our advisors. We'll guide you through all the questions you might have about conference technology, wether it's websites, landing pages, ticket sales, SEO or conference apps, we will give you the knowledge so you can make the best decision for your business or upcoming conference.

* Note: We only offer 4 of these sessions every 30 days, as it is a lot of work for our small team. They fill up quickly, so don't miss out and book yours now!

Dear Retail Conference, Congress & Summit Organisers πŸ“…,

In the vast digital expanse, where pricing feels cloaked in mystery and obscurity, we stand as a beacon of clarity and transparency 🌟.

Isn't it curious? The elaborate dance of hide and reveal that many in our domain seem to favour? 🎭

The familiar narrative: Sift through layers, endure tedious processes, all leading to that 'grand' phone call unveiling. But why the drama?

Visualise the myriad hours lost, the efforts expended, the what-could-have-beens, if only things were clear from the onset πŸ•°οΈ.

That's where we diverge from the convention.

We firmly believe that pricing is not merely a number; it's an emblem of empowerment ⚑. A tool to facilitate decision-making, conserve time, and sweep away needless ambiguity.

If our philosophies don't converge, isn't it kinder to discern it immediately rather than post hours of dialogues?

Our niche is youβ€”the retail conference, congress, and summit architects.

We're deeply rooted in your sphere 🌐. Every dime you commit mirrors our rich experience, dedication, and bespoke approach tailored to your unique demands.

Our pledge? Utter transparency in all facetsβ€” from our strategies, anticipated results, right down to the price label πŸ’°.

Therefore, without dalliance, we're not merely voicing transparency; we're embodying it.

So, gear up, revered organisers. Book a call with us today!


In a world where obscured pricing often leads to confusion and distrust, we stand by our commitment to transparency. Gone are the days of chasing shadows. With Presso, you get a clear, upfront understanding of our pricing, ensuring there are no hidden surprises. Our Price Promise is not just a statementβ€”it's our ethos. Dive into collaboration with complete confidence, knowing exactly where you stand financially from the get-go.


In an era where hidden costs and pricing games dominate, Presso emerges as a beacon of trust, ushering in a new era of pricing transparency.

Enter the realm of our unparalleled Premium Rocket Club Guarantee.

Where competitors dabble in shadowy figures, hidden extras, and nebulous deliverables, Presso gleams with unmatched clarity and honesty. Our commitment is crystal clear: If our services do not meet your expectations, every cent is returned β€” no small print, no ambiguities. Our assurance stems from an established reputation of consistent excellence.

Your event is not just another date in the calendar. It's a landmark occasion that deserves utmost respect and dedication. And so does your budget.

Forge ahead with unparalleled confidence. Our Premium Rocket Club Guarantee promises a risk-free collaboration. Why tread water in the sea of uncertainty when transparent pricing is within your grasp? With Presso as your ally, you're safeguarded against unforeseen costs and set for transparent success!

Frequently asked questions

Have a different question and can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our support team by sending us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

What does Presso's transparent pricing mean for event organisers?
Transparent pricing ensures that event organisers have a clear understanding of the costs involved. With Presso, there are no hidden charges, nebulous fees, or unexpected add-ons. We believe in making informed decisions, and this starts with clarity in pricing.
How does the Premium Rocket Club Guarantee work?
Our Premium Rocket Club Guarantee is a testament to our commitment. If our services don't meet your expectations, we promise a full refund. This guarantee offers a risk-free collaboration, underlining our dedication to excellence and client satisfaction.
Are there any hidden costs associated with Presso's services?
No, at Presso we pride ourselves on our transparency. We provide a clear breakdown of costs upfront, ensuring you have a complete picture of your investment and no unwelcome surprises.
What's included in Presso's pricing?
Our pricing encompasses a comprehensive package tailored to your event's unique requirements. This includes strategy development, ongoing consultation, performance monitoring, and adjustments as needed. Each cost element is communicated transparently for your peace of mind.
Why is pricing transparency so crucial for event success?
Transparent pricing allows event organisers to budget effectively, manage resources, and align strategic goals without unforeseen costs derailing the process. It fosters trust and lays the foundation for a successful collaboration.
How does Presso ensure the security of my investment?
Beyond our Premium Rocket Club Guarantee, we have a proven track record and testimonials from satisfied clients. We ensure robust performance monitoring and regular communication, keeping you informed at every stage, and safeguarding your investment.
In what ways can I monitor the value I'm getting for my investment?
We offer regular updates and provide access to performance metrics. This way, you can track the progress and ROI, ensuring you're always aware of the value being delivered and can make informed decisions.
How does transparent pricing integrate with other offerings from Presso?
Transparency is a core tenet of Presso, influencing not just our pricing but all our service offerings. Whether it's strategy, implementation, or consultation, we ensure that everything is communicated openly and clearly, aligning with our broader ethos.
How does Presso's pricing compare to competitors in the market?
While we ensure competitive rates, our primary differentiation lies in the value we deliver. With transparent pricing, tailored strategies, and our Premium Rocket Club Guarantee, we offer unparalleled assurance and ROI for event organisers.
What sets Presso apart when it comes to transparency and guarantees?
Presso's commitment to transparency isn't just a buzzword; it's integral to our operations. Combined with our Premium Rocket Club Guarantee, we ensure that clients not only understand every facet of their investment but also feel secure and valued in our collaboration.


In the dynamic world of retail conferences, having a tailored approach is paramount. We understand the unique intricacies and requirements of your event. Connect with Presso for a transparent, value-driven service proposal that caters exclusively to the retail conference space. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity designed for event magnates like you.