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Elevate your event's prestige with a bespoke app meticulously crafted to embody your brand's unique identity and ethos, designed to deliver an unparalleled attendee experience that engages, impresses, and resonates long after the event ends.

* P.S. Your satisfaction is our promise. Unhappy with our service? We'll make it right or offer a 110% refund*. You take no risk — we're invested in your success.

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Tech Team as a Service

No tech team in-house? No problem.

Embark on a seamless event-organizing journey with Presso by your side. Our dedicated tech team becomes an extension of your vision, translating your ideas into digital reality. We handle all the technical heavy lifting, from crafting immersive websites and apps to implementing cutting-edge ticketing strategies, so you can focus on creating memorable events. With Presso, you have a partner in innovation, a squad of tech enthusiasts committed to elevating your event experience.

Custom-Built Event Apps
Experience the power of personalized interaction with Presso's custom event apps. We create immersive experiences that keep attendees connected, informed, and engaged from start to finish. Features such as real-time updates, networking opportunities, and interactive content all come standard, tailored to your brand and your attendees' needs.
Custom-Built Websites
Your event's website is the first impression you make. With Presso's custom-built websites, that impression lasts. We blend aesthetics with functionality, ensuring your site not only looks exceptional but performs brilliantly. SEO-optimised and user-friendly, our websites are designed to put your event in the spotlight and keep it there.
SEO Optimisation
Visibility is key in the digital landscape. Our SEO strategies are not just about getting you to the top of search results; they're about putting you in front of the right audience. We ensure your event stands out to those who matter, driving engagement and attendance.
Landing Pages
Engage your audience the moment they land on your page. Our conversion-focused landing pages are meticulously designed to guide potential attendees through a seamless journey, culminating in ticket sales. Every element is optimized for conversion, from the compelling call-to-actions to the striking design.
Ticket Sales
Selling tickets is an art—and we've mastered it. Presso's ticketing strategies are built on understanding your audience and what drives them to act. We employ dynamic pricing, exclusive offers, and a streamlined purchasing process to not just sell tickets, but to create a buzz that sells out events.
On-Site Support
Experience the confidence of having our expert on-site support at your event. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every technical aspect operates flawlessly, providing real-time solutions and comprehensive assistance. We're there to facilitate a seamless experience, from the initial tech setup to the final attendee departure, so you can focus on what truly matters - making your event memorable.


Don't just meet expectations—surpass them with a custom event app. Tailored to your brand's ethos, our apps do more than showcase your event; they transform the attendee experience. From seamless navigation to interactive features, every element is crafted to amplify your message and capture the essence of your event. Your vision, your app—make a statement that resonates.

Dear Conference Visionary,

Hello there, 👋

You, the orchestrator of experiences, know what's at stake. Crafting a conference is like constructing a vital hub in the heart of the city. Overwhelmed by tech choices? Encountered too many grand promises with little delivery? Time slipping through your fingers while budgets cast long shadows?

No more chasing fleeting tech trends. Let's create enduring experiences. Your event website and app aren't just digital spaces; they're extensions of your vision.

Generic solutions are the fast fashion of the event world: readily available but never quite fitting right. Yet in the realm of conferences, blending in is not an option. SEO, apps, ticketing platforms—they should do more than just function. They should resonate, captivate, and represent your unique vision.

Pause for a moment. Envision your conference not as an ordinary gathering but as the event of the year. Where attendees are engaged, speakers become ambassadors, and your digital touch is nothing short of legendary. Your brand stands out—bold and distinct.

We're not just your service provider; we're your strategic ally. From dominating SEO to creating delightful ticketing experiences, from designing captivating sites to building apps that attendees love—we embark on this journey with you.

This is more than a service; it's a partnership. Transparent fees, aligned goals—your success is the true measure of our work.

Ready to redefine the conference experience? Let's push boundaries and set new standards of excellence together.

Our Services

Choose the level of service that is right for you.

Presso Ultra

£29,999 /event

This is the ultimate white-glove concierge service with everything built and managed for you, including on-site support.

  • Custome Build App and Website
  • On-site Support Included *
  • Advanced Analytics and Post Event Report
  • VIP Support (6 hours)
Get Presso Ultra

Presso Premium

£4,999 /event

When you need something more, you should upgrade and get a premium website and the app set up for you.

  • Premium App + Website
  • On-site Support (£1,199/day) *
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Premium Support (24-hours)
Get Presso Premium

Presso Standard

£2,999 /event

Just need an app for youre event and a place to sell tickets, this is it. You get a dedicated space to build your app.

  • Managed and Hosted App
  • Managed and hosted on own domain
  • Basic Analytics
  • Standard Support (36-hour)
Get Presso Standard

Don't know where to start, or you have different needs?

We have a range of service on top of our core app service. Do you need a website for your event company, a dedicated landing page and service for your ticket sale? Get in touch and let's talk strategy and see how we potentially can help you with what you need.

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*On-site support is billed per event day, including any required travel days before and after the conference. Depending on the conference size, this includes 1 or 2 support personnel. Please note, travel, accommodation, meals, and incidental expenses will incur additional charges.

Our Guarantee


At Presso, your confidence is our priority. We stand by the excellence of our bespoke apps and digital services with the Presso Promise. If our service doesn't meet your expectations, we commit to not only resolving your concerns but also to offering a 110% refund. We shoulder the risk so you can embark on your event's journey with assurance. With Presso, your event app is not just a tool, it's a beacon of your brand's identity, crafted to perfection to ensure an attendee experience that lingers and a satisfaction guarantee that's as unique as your event. Your vision, our expertise—elevated together.

* P.S. We only work with a selected few partners at any time to ensure we always deliver the best possible service. So don't delay. Apply above and let's see if we can work together.

Frequently asked questions

Have a different question and can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our support team by sending us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

What if we aren't satisfied with the results? Do we still have to pay?
Our commitment to your satisfaction is backed by our Rocket Club Guarantee. If you aren't thrilled with the service we provide, we'll refund your payment in full, no questions asked. No hidden conditions or fine print - just genuine service with your peace of mind at the forefront.
How do I know that I will get a return on my investment?
We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results, and our Rocket Club Guarantee is a testament to that. If you feel you haven't received value for your investment, we will refund in full. It's our way of making sure our interests remain perfectly aligned with yours.
Do you do virtual conferences?
We specialise in enhancing the in-person conference experience. While the virtual sphere has its merits, we believe the tangible, face-to-face interactions of physical events offer unparalleled engagement. Our tools and strategies are honed for these experiences. If you're looking for a tool that can do virtual, we'll be happy to advice you on the best approach.
Do you work with big or small conferences?
We cater to all sizes - where it makes sense, of course. We are a small team and can only work with a selected few organisers, but whether you're hosting an smaller summit or a massive international conference, we will do what we can to ensure that your digital needs are met perfectly. Sometimes the fit isn't right, but we will still try and guide you towards success.
What Does a Digital Agency actually do?
A digital agency leverages online platforms to enhance your event's visibility and engagement. At Presso, we handle everything from website design, app creation, SEO, and ticketing, ensuring your conference receives the best digital exposure and functionality.
Why is Presso the best agency for conferences?
Presso brings a blend of expertise, innovation, and a revenue-share model that few, if any, offer. We don't just offer services; we partner with you, ensuring our goals align with yours. This commitment to shared success sets us apart.
Can you guarantee results?
The digital world is full of variables, but what we can guarantee is our dedication, expertise, and our Rocket Club Guarantee. While we can't predict every outcome, our confidence in our strategies and abilities ensures that we're fully committed to your success. If you're not satisfied, you're fully covered.
What's involved with digital strategy?
A digital strategy is a roadmap to achieving your event's digital goals. It encompasses everything from website design and functionality to online promotion, ticketing solutions, and engagement tools. At Presso, we create a bespoke digital strategy tailored to your conference's unique needs.
What if we aren't satisfied with the results? Do we still have to pay?
Our approach is simple - we work on a revenue share. If you don't earn, we don't earn. You don't owe us until you witness tangible results. This unique guarantee reflects our confidence in our expertise and skills. No hidden conditions or fine print - just genuine service and success alignment.
How many organisers do you work with at a time?
Due to our commitment to providing an intimate, tailored experience, we limit ourselves to working with just four organisers at any given time. This ensures each project receives the attention and quality it deserves.
I'm a returning customer, do I have to apply again?
Of course not! Returning customers are a testament to our success, and we value their trust deeply. As such, they are given priority. If you're a returning client, rest assured you'll always have a spot with us. For new clients, we recommend reaching out as soon as possible to check our availability and ensure we can collaborate on your next big event.
Why should we trust you over other agencies?
Most agencies will give you big promises, but few back it up with a risk-free guarantee. At Presso, our Rocket Club Guarantee ensures that we stand by our work. We offer top-tier service, a meticulously crafted digital strategy, and the assurance that you'll attain your desired outcomes without unnecessary risks.

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