About us - Our strength is collaboration

Conferences are incredible, and we're here to make sure they get the digital spotlight they deserve. Think of us as your guide, taking your event's essence and translating it into a digital masterpiece. Together, we'll create an online experience as memorable as the conference itself.

At Presso, we're a small, tight-knit team of digital aficionados who believe in the transformative power of events. From bustling multi-day conferences to niche summits, we've seen the impact they can have.

That's why we've dedicated ourselves to amplify these experiences in the digital realm. But beyond the pixels, codes, and analytics, our true strength lies in our collaborative spirit. We don't just work for you; we work with you.

Diving deep into your aspirations, your audience, and your challenges, we create digital solutions that aren't just functional, but are a true reflection of your event's essence. Welcome to our world of unwavering commitment, innovation, and genuine partnership.

Our culture - Putting our partners at the center of everything we do.

Your vision, aspirations, and challenges are our guiding lights. In every project, every brainstorm, every decision, you're our focal point.

  • Collaborative to the Core: Working together means creating better experiences for you attendees. With every member's unique insight, we build digital solutions that truly resonate.
  • Continual Learners: The world of digital is always on the move, and so are we. Our drive to learn and adapt ensures we stay ahead, delivering cutting-edge solutions for your conference.
  • Client-Centric Always: Your conference's story and goals are paramount to everything we do. We dive deep, understanding every nuance to craft a digital strategy that mirrors your unique vision.


  • Kristian Papadakis

    Founder & Head of Partnerships

Our story - Who is Presso?

Hey there, I'm Kristian Papadakis!
I'm the founder and head of Partnerships here at Presso Network, and our story is far from normal.

The birth of Presso:
Back in 2018, I found myself frequently attending networking events, often feeling like a fish out of water. I'd scan rooms filled with potential connections, but found it almost impossible to pinpoint the exact people who'd complement my vision. It was during one of these events that a simple yet game-changing idea sparked: Presso, the networking app. Designed to help attendees navigate through the maze of faces and make meaningful connections, it was my answer to the age-old challenge of finding the right match in a crowded room.

Growth amidst challenges:
With the inception of Presso, our journey began on a promising note, resonating with many like me who felt the need for more effective networking, and over time our networking app changed into a full conference management solution, which today is a bespoke event service. But as the tides of Covide rolled in, in-person conferences took a backseat, and like many, we faced an unprecedented challenge. But rather than seeing it as a setback, we saw an opportunity. We invested countless hours and thousands of pounds into expanding our knowledge, pivoting our focus from just on-site conference apps to creating comprehensive online tools that integrated seamlessly with video streaming services.

Beyond just solutions:
Today, Presso Network isn't just about building digital solutions. With a global, remote team of top-tier designers and developers, we're about fostering relationships, understanding the unique essence of every conference, and translating it into a digital solutions. Our belief? Every event, every conference has its soul. And our mission is to capture that spirit and present it to the world in its most engaging, digital form, through custom build website, bespoke conference apps, and modern ticketing solutions that not only saves you money, but will actually increase your profits.

The Future of Presso Network:
From a humble networking app to a dynamic agency, our evolution at Presso Network is a testament to our commitment to innovation. While we're incredibly proud of the tailored solutions we've created so far, we're also buzzing with excitement about what's next. To cater to the diverse needs of event professionals, we're branching out, introducing both self-service and done-with-you solutions that offer the same Presso quality in formats that suit your preferences and expertise.

πŸ“£ A Special Invitation:
If you've made it this far, thank you for your interest, and as a small token of appriciationg for those who are itching for a less bespoke service where you can create it all yourself, we have some thrilling news! In lign with our focus on training and aducation, we're currently developing some brand-new self-service and done-with you offerings, ensuring they're polished, intuitive, and absolutely top-notch. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, we invite you to be among the first to explore these avenues with us. Simply register your interest here, and as soon as they're ready for the spotlight, you'll be the first to know and it will come with a special gift that we won't give to anyone who's not on the waiting list. It's an exciting phase for us, and we'd love for you to be a part of it!

You can register your interest here
Note, this list will only be used for inviting you to our new offerings and will not be used for any other purpose. All information on this list will be destroyed after we launch.

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πŸŽ‰ Exciting Opportunities for Conference Organisers!

The post-Covid era has brought an unprecedented demand for our elite services. With our dedication to "quality over quantity", we consistently offer unparalleled attention to each project.

Good News: Our team has expanded, creating an opening for two additional conference or summit projects in the next 6 months. One slot has already been filled, so don't delay!

Why choose us?

- Personalised Concierge Service: Every customer is treated as a VIP, with returning clients jumping to the front of the queue.

- Dedication: Our limited number of concurrent projects ensures our unwavering attention to your conference's success.

- Quality Over Quantity: We focus on delivering the absolute best, not the most.

⭐ Secure your Strategy Call Now: Secure your place in our schedule for the upcoming months and also gain priority notifications for any future slots. This isn't just a callβ€”it's a pathway to becoming a trusted partner.

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