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The Retail Summit 2019

The Retail Summit is a global, content-led event for C-level executives from across retail to come together to learn, connect and debate. Bringing together 800+ of the brightest minds of the global retail community, it is the premier platform to shape the future of retail.

IBIA Annual Convention 2019
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Crafting a Tailored Experience at Retail Summit Dubai


The Retail Summit at The Palm, Dubai is 2 days of hard-hitting content, diverse panel discussions and unique networking opportunities to enhance business transformation. The conference bring together:

  • 800+ Attendees
  • 72+ C-level speakers representing legacy brands to modern disruptors
  • 39% Women C-level speakers
  • 61% Retail audience
  • 64+ Nationalities
  • 342 Companies represented
  • 2 Iconic venues bringing luxury and unprecedented networking against the Dubai skyline


For the Retail Summit's premiere, Presso curated a bespoke digital experience, ensuring every one of the 900 attendees from 43 countries felt engaged and catered to. Our platform didn't just host 48 sessions; it transformed each one into an interactive, memorable moment. It's no wonder the Retail Summit set a new bar in the retail industry's calendar.

The Essence of Retail Summit Dubai

The Retail Summit isn't just another event; it's a melting pot of the shopping world's finest minds. People from diverse backgrounds and cultures flock to it. To cater to such a discerning audience, it was vital to ensure an online platform that was not just functional, but intuitive and top-notch.

The Intricate Challenge

Managing an event of this magnitude, with its international flavor and varied expectations, posed a unique set of challenges. The Retail Summit aimed to not just meet but exceed attendee expectations, offering a seamless yet rich experience.

Why Presso Was Their Top Pick

The Retail Summit picked Presso, not just for our technology, but for our commitment to crafting personalised experiences. Our bespoke service approach, combined with an easy-to-use platform, transparent pricing, and unwavering customer support, convinced them that we were the right choice to elevate their event.

Co-Creating Magic

Working closely with the Retail Summit team, we dived deep into understanding the unique needs and expectations of their audience. We provided more than just software; we tailored our platform to their event, offered marketing insights to boost engagement, and had our team on-site to ensure real-time support. Every aspect was fine-tuned to resonate with the event's premium essence.

Outstanding Results, Tailored to Perfection

Our collaborative effort bore fruit. The platform became a hub for 674 meaningful connections and ensured smooth execution of all 48 sessions. Feedback from attendees wasn't just positive; it was ecstatic, praising the unique and seamless experience Presso facilitated.

Our Bespoke Solutions Included:

  • Customised Apps for Apple & Android
  • Continuous app optimisation based on real-time feedback
  • Three days of on-the-ground, personalised support

Elevate Your Event with Presso's Premium Touch

Seeking that exclusive touch for your event? Turn to Presso. We don't just provide a service; we collaborate to co-create. Dive into a demo with us or try our platform for free. Let's craft an event that's uniquely yours, and unforgettable for your attendees!

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