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RG Connect 2019

Reload Greece (RG) is a UK-based organisation that aims to inspire and support a new generation of entrepreneurs to create ventures with social or economic impact. Their vision is to harness the power of the diaspora to positively affect their home countries, specifically Greece, and reverse the negative publicity Greece was receiving. In doing so, they aim to turn the brain drain into a brain gain.

IBIA Annual Convention 2019
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Inspiring and Empowering Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs

The RG Connect Story

Reload Greece, based in the UK, started with a big goal: inspire young people to come up with fresh ideas that boost creativity and business in Greece. Their dream is all about using the strength of people living abroad to help their home countries grow.

The 2019 Event: RG Connect

Every year, Reload Greece holds the RG Connect conference. This event brings together expert speakers from the world of startups, businesses, and funding. It's a place where young business people can learn, meet others, and find resources to kick-start their ventures. In 2019, the event in London had a message: "Greece is Open for Business."

The Challenge

Reload Greece wanted to make sure RG Connect was special. It wasn't just about gathering people; it was about sparking ideas, making sure everyone could talk easily, and giving everyone a great experience at the event.

The Plan for RG Connect 2019

Expert-Led Learning

The event was filled with sessions and workshops where experts shared tips on everything from starting a business idea to making it big.

Meeting and Talking

It was an excellent place for everyone to meet, whether they were looking for business advice, partners, or investors.

Success Spotlights

The event shined a light on Greeks who had made it big, giving everyone hope and real-life tips.

The Big Wins of RG Connect 2019

Looking Back at RG Connect 2019

What we did

“The Presso app is very user-friendly. It helped us to effectively communicate with RG Connect19 attendees. We particularly liked the live event features and the team were very helpful. We are planning to use the Presso app at this year's RG Connect20 conference to help us go paperless with a considerable saving on brochure design and print costs.”

Kate Topping - Marketing Manager at Reload Greece
Kate Topping - Marketing Manager

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