We're on a mission to revolutionise hosting conferences—making it seamless, impactful, and thrilling for every event maestro out there. As the creators of bespoke conference apps for the world's leading summits, we're not just setting standards; we ARE the standard. And we invite you to be part of this transformative journey.

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Updated: 29 November, 2023

Hi there, Conference Visionary! 🌟

I'm Kristian Papadakis. If we're diving into formalities, I'm the driving force behind Presso Network.

This? This is my tribe. My crew. The heart and soul of every retail conference, congress, and summit we breathe life into.

I'm not quite sure which cosmic path led you here.

But whoever pointed you in our direction deserves a toast.

Or a generous slice of the galaxy's finest cheesecake.

Perhaps even a dance under the stars.

Now, back to our interRocket Club journey...

How's your conference coming on? Does it sometimes feel like..

Drifting amidst the vast digital cosmos, ever wondered who crafts those starlit paths leading to Rocket Club retail conferences and summits?

Hold tight! 🛑

Your quest ends right here.

In the intricate ballet of the digital realm, Presso Network stands as the shining North Star, guiding event visionaries like yourself to unparalleled successes.

Here's the lowdown on our celestial journey:

Retail conferences, congresses, and summits aren't just events to us; they're pulsating galaxies of opportunities, innovation, and connections.

And for each, we craft the ideal digital doorway - tailored, resonant, and oh-so-effective.

Peek into our ethos:

  • 🚫 Generic templates? Not our cup of tea.
  • 🚫 One-size-fits-all solutions? That's not how stars shine.
  • 🚫 Hidden, exorbitant prices? That's just not our style.

Instead, we're the co-pilots on your cosmic journey, ensuring your event's essence is captured, magnified, and celebrated.

With countless retail conferences vying for attention, what sets yours apart?

It's not just the speakers or the agenda, though they're crucial. It's the digital allure - the magnetic pull that turns intrigued visitors into raving attendees.

Pondering the cost?

In a universe of astronomical fees, our transparent pricing emerges as a beacon. Providing unmatched value, without those pesky black holes draining your budget.

Retail conferences and summits are all about:

  • ⭐ Igniting passion.
  • ⭐ Building trust and relationships.
  • ⭐ Showcasing unique insights of the retail world.
  • ⭐ Ensuring every detail, from keynotes to workshops, shines.
  • ⭐ And above all, catalysing action and connection.

Remember, it's not just about how many visit, but how many resonate, engage, and commit.

Why let your event merely twinkle when it can shine with the brilliance of a supernova?

Let's not just host another event; let's craft a galactic experience.

Ready to rocket-launch your retail conference or summit into the digital stratosphere?

Embark with us and behold the Presso magic unfold! 🌠

Our Services

Choose the path that's right for you.

The Ultimate Whitelabel Experience


Every detail tailor-made for you. With Presso Platinum, you're not just a client; you're a partner. We craft a full-fledged white-label solution uniquely designed for your conference, ensuring your brand shines brilliantly in its own dedicated space. It's the absolute top of digital conference management, where exclusivity meets excellence. Starting at just £6,000.

I want the ultimate solution

Excellence, Streamlined


Elevate your conference with our proven templates. Presso Gold bridges your vision with our expertise, hosting your conference app on our domain. It's the perfect blend of customisation and convenience, ensuring your attendees have an unforgettable experience without the overheads of a full bespoke solution. Dive into a hassle-free experience. Starting at just £1,200.

I'll take the gold version

Essential Tools for Perfect Results


Your conference, your creation. With Presso Core, we hand over the reins to you while providing you with the tools and platform to shape your conference and give your attendees the experience they deserve. It's DIY done right, offering flexibility without compromising on quality. Championing affordability with autonomy and easy of use. Starting at £1 per attendee per day.

I can build it myself

Limited Digital Deep Dive Session

Ever wished you had a clear map for your conference's digital needs? Book a 1-on-1 strategy session with our experts. We'll dive deep into your requirements, answer all your questions, and leave you with a comprehensive digital blueprint. It's a 100%, no-commitment, no pushy sales people talk with one of our advisors. We'll guide you through all the questions you might have about conference technology, wether it's websites, landing pages, ticket sales, SEO or conference apps, we will give you the knowledge so you can make the best decision for your business or upcoming conference.

* Note: We only offer 4 of these sessions every 30 days, as it is a lot of work for our small team. They fill up quickly, so don't miss out and book yours now!

Blast Off With Us Today!


This isn't the typical "about us" page you'd expect.

We could've filled this space with tales of our meteoric rise or our star-studded clientele.

But, let's pivot. Let's make this about YOU…

Organising a retail conference is no small feat.

Imagine juggling flaming torches... while tightrope walking over a tank of sharks, in heels.

That's the daily hustle for many conference organisers.

The relentless pursuit. The “trial and errors”. The late-night strategising.

We label that the “wing it” method.

Also known as the Bermuda Triangle of Event Planning.

Things vanish there. Hopes, time, ticket sales… sanity.

We wouldn't wish that chaos on our fiercest competitor.

But, let's refocus. This isn't a gloom-fest.

It's about your ambitions… your vision… and your retail conference.

You're diving into this because, while your events may dazzle, there's always that niggling thought: Could we do more?

After pouring endless hours, juggling vendors, and curating speakers, you seek that golden ROI. Maybe not just in sales, but impact.

Or perhaps, you're already a star, but you yearn for that supernova moment.

Broader reach.

Engaged attendees.

Incredible feedback.

Closer community ties.

Memories that last.

Those whispering echoes of anticipation for your next event.

Or simply more hours in your day. (Seriously, where do they vanish?!)

Whatever your aspiration...

We're intrigued. And eager.


Journey with Presso, where your event's vision becomes the guiding constellation in the digital galaxy. Craft bespoke solutions, amplify your impact, and let your retail conference shine brighter than ever before. Let's join forces and turn your vision into a luminous reality. But hurry—like a shooting star, these exclusive collaborations are fleeting!


In a realm of digital duplicates and half-hearted assurances, Presso rises as your steadfast digital ally, championing your landing page to celestial heights.

Introducing our unparalleled Rocket Club Guarantee. 🚀

While others wander, clouded by elusive pledges and concealed charges, Presso's commitment illuminates with unyielding clarity. Our pledge? If our tailored landing page doesn't elevate your conference beyond expectations, every penny returns to you — no cosmic caveats, no nebulous nuances. Such boldness is rooted in a legacy of transforming landing pages into iconic portals.

Your landing page isn't merely a digital impression amidst the vast web. It's the shining beacon heralding your monumental event, demanding a design crafted with fervour and finesse to realise its maximum potential.

Journey with absolute assurance - Our Rocket Club Guarantee ensures your voyage through the digital expanse is without peril, promising unparalleled returns. Why hover in obscurity when you can soar towards galactic recognition? With Presso by your side, sidestep the pitfalls and seamlessly ascend to victory!

Frequently asked questions

Have a different question and can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our support team by sending us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Why are conference apps crucial for modern events, particularly in the retail industry?
Conference apps enhance the attendee experience by providing real-time updates, facilitating networking, offering personalised agendas, and integrating feedback mechanisms. For the retail sector, they amplify brand engagement and foster deeper connections between brands, sponsors, and attendees.
How does Presso ensure a seamless integration between my event landing page and the conference app?
Presso adopts a holistic approach. Our landing pages and conference apps are developed concurrently to ensure seamless integration, enhancing user experience, and driving consistent branding across all digital touchpoints.
What makes Presso's conference apps stand out in the saturated app market?
Unlike generic apps, Presso's conference apps are bespoke, tailored to the event's unique characteristics. Infused with intuitive UI/UX, real-time functionalities, and robust back-end support, our apps provide an unrivalled experience for event attendees and organisers alike.
Can Presso's apps cater to both small-scale retail summits and grand industry conferences?
Absolutely. Presso's expertise spans the spectrum of events. Whether it's an intimate retail summit or a grand global conference, our apps are scalable and adaptable, ensuring they meet the diverse needs of each event.
What's covered under the Rocket Club Guarantee when it comes to conference apps?
Our Rocket Club Guarantee not only covers landing pages but extends to our conference apps. If the app doesn't elevate your event experience or faces technical issues, we're committed to rectifying it promptly or refunding the amount. Our assurance stems from our confidence in delivering unparalleled digital solutions.
How does Presso handle feedback and updates for the conference apps?
Presso believes in continuous improvement. We actively seek feedback post-event, and our robust support team ensures any required updates or fixes are promptly addressed. Our post-launch commitment is all about elevating the user experience at every step.
Is it possible to integrate third-party tools and software into the conference apps developed by Presso?
Certainly! Our conference apps are designed with adaptability in mind. Whether it's ticketing platforms, CRM tools, or social media integrations, our apps can seamlessly link with various third-party tools to provide a cohesive experience.
What security measures does Presso adopt to safeguard the data within the conference apps?
Data security is paramount to Presso. Our apps incorporate advanced encryption methods, regular security audits, and GDPR-compliant measures to ensure the safety and privacy of all data.
Can the conference apps crafted by Presso handle large volumes of simultaneous users?
Indeed. Our apps are built on robust infrastructure capable of handling large surges of users, ensuring smooth functionality even during peak event moments.
How does Presso ensure its apps remain aligned with the latest trends and technological advancements?
Presso is deeply rooted in the tech landscape. Our team continually researches, trains, and adapts to the latest technological trends and advancements. Regular app updates, embracing innovative features, and keeping a keen eye on the evolving event industry ensure our apps are always a step ahead, providing users with a contemporary and enriched experience.


Journey with Presso, where your event's vision becomes the guiding constellation in the digital galaxy. Craft bespoke solutions, amplify your impact, and let your retail conference shine brighter than ever before. Let's join forces and turn your vision into a luminous reality. But hurry—like a shooting star, these exclusive collaborations are fleeting!