Case Study - IBIA Annual Convention 2019

The International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) Annual Convention stands as one of the leading events in the bunker and shipping industry. This annual convention brings together esteemed speakers, sponsors, and delegates from diverse sectors, ranging from ship owners, bunker suppliers, and regulators, to academics and NGOs. However, behind the scenes, the organization of such a colossal event has always posed a series of challenges.

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Streamlining IBIA's Global Bunker Industry Convention

Setting the Stage

The International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) Annual Convention is renowned in the bunker and shipping sector. Every year, it gathers eminent speakers, sponsors, and delegates from diverse domains such as ship owners, bunker suppliers, regulators, academics, and NGOs. Yet, orchestrating such a grand event isn't without its backstage challenges.

Before the Spotlight

In 2019, from the 22nd to the 24th of October, Istanbul hosted the convention. Over these days, delegates delved deep into pertinent topics, focusing on safeguarding the future of the bunker and shipping industry. But while the convention was a hit, managing attendees and facilitating seamless networking remained significant hurdles.

Confronting the Goliath

The convention's brain trust needed a tool to untangle the complexities of managing attendees, sessions, and the networking maze. Their quest? A digital aid to amplify engagement, deepen participant connections, and overall elevate the attendee experience.

Choosing the Ace

Presso became their digital knight in shining armour. Our platform armed the organisers with the tools to oversee attendees, sessions, and speakers with finesse. Plus, our built-in networking feature was the bridge connecting attendees.

Taking Action

Side by side with the IBIA ensemble, we aimed for the stars. From helping them master our platform's quirks to strategizing marketing moves, from being their on-ground tech guardians to priming attendees for the platform's full experience – we were with them, every step of the journey.

The Impactful Outcome

Presso's touch left a mark. The conference registered a turnout of 287 attendees. The app became the networking hub, forging 123 connections. Moreover, an active Q&A saw 289 queries raised during various sessions. Juggling 35 speakers and 28 sessions? Presso made it look like a breeze, leaving no question unanswered.

What we did

  • Native Apple & Android App
  • App Store Deploy and Maintenance

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