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How can we make such a bold claim? Simple. We've walked the talk, time and again. At Presso, we aren’t about mass production. Instead, we select a few conferences each year, ensuring you get the tailor-made touch you deserve. Our dedicated three-step process — Discovery, Build, and Deliver — is crafted meticulously, aligning with your unique conference needs. We aim for perfection, from the first draft to the final touch.

Our process
made for success.

Discovery & Alignment

Imagine setting off on a grand journey without a map — sounds a bit chaotic, right? That's why our first stop with you is always the Discovery Station! Here, we're not just talking websites or apps; it's all about painting the bigger picture of your desired outcome and hopes. 🎨

So, what's the buzz behind your conference? Whether you're aiming for a multi-day international retail summit or creating a niche local one-day conference , we want to know exactly what your hopes and dreams are for your conference! It's a bit like speed dating; we get to know each other fast and figure out if we're a match made in digital heaven.

Next, we'll get into the nitty gritty, not to fix anything but to show you the magic (a.k.a. our tools) we'll be using to bring your vision to life. And trust us, once you see how seamlessly you can work with us, you'll be amazed!

Included in this phase

  • Discovery Sessions
  • Design Discussion
  • Industry Alignment
  • Collaboration Roadmap
  • Project Blueprint

Design & Build

So, we've had our fun at the Discovery Station, and now? It's time to roll up our sleeves and bring out the digital LEGO bricks! 🧱

Think of this phase as the montage scene in a superhero movie. You know, where the hero trains, designs their suit, and gets ready to save the day? Well, your conference is our hero, and we're in the lab crafting its superpowers.

From unique web pages that pop to interactive apps that make attendees go "Wow!", we're here building, refining, and perfecting. And like any good behind-the-scenes sequence, there'll be thrills, some coffee spills, and a whole lot of innovation.

The whole experince was very easy and the Presso team made everything happen with minimal effort from our side. We are going to be using Presso in all of our events from now on!

Angelos Gkanoutas-Leventis, Co-Founder and President of Greek Energy Forum

Delivery & Support

Drumroll, please! 🥁 At Presso, the grand reveal is just the beginning. We view every project as a lasting partnership, especially when it's centered around your conference or summit.

Before unveiling, we guide you through our digital theatre for an exclusive first look. Once we see those approving nods, we make your digital dreams a reality. And as the momentum around your conference picks up, remember, we're right beside you, fine-tuning every detail.

Your summit's digital face is a dynamic one. It's meant to evolve with the event's pace and demands. We're here to ensure it does just that, consistently mirroring your aspirations and the event's spirit.

Included in this phase

  • Approval and Deployment: An exclusive preview of your tailored digital solution. Once you give the green light, we ensure every pixel and feature goes live, resonating perfectly with your conference's essence.
  • Conference Support: As the conference days roll out, we ensure the digital side runs without a hitch. Any issues faced? Our dedicated support jumps into action, ensuring your attendees' experience is nothing short of flawless.
  • Maintenance & Continuity: Beyond the summit, our commitment remains unwavering. As your digital partner, we stand by, ready to adapt, modify, and ensure your conference's digital presence remains vibrant and relevant.


Redefining Partnership for Retail Conference Organisers

While many agencies sell off-the-shelf solutions, we at Presso play a different game. We only thrive when you do. Our approach? A lean 10% revenue share paired with a £3,000 reservation fee, refundable at our journey's end. This fee? It's our trust pact, ensuring mutual commitment. Remember, we're boutique, not bulk. We cherry-pick our partners, collaborating with just 4-6 organisers at a time. Quality, after all, has its limits. And if we ever falter? Trust in our 'Retail Royalty Guarantee' – full refund, no fuss. As spots are limited, we maintain an exclusive VIP queue. Those on the list get first dibs. Ready to join the elite? Request a quote, get on the list and let's craft retail brilliance, one conference at a time.

Your Success Fuels Ours: Pay Only When You Prosper

We Thrive When You Do: Pay Us Only When You See Results. No gain, No pain. It's a no-brainer. With you having everything to gain and nothing to lose, we're all in for your success.

With us, everything is included, no nasty surprises

  • All hosting fees
  • All processing fees
  • All support fees
  • All maintenance fees

No Gain, No Pain

10%Revenue Share

Currently at Capacity - Get on the List

Revenue share is on ticket sales through the platform. We also charge a £3,000 reservation fee (deducted or refunded at the end of our contract).

Core values - Balancing reliability and innovation

At Presso, we're not just about pixels and code. Our values anchor every bespoke digital solution we craft, ensuring that each conference and summit experience is unparalleled in its authenticity, innovation, and impact.

  • Authentic Partnership: We believe in genuine collaboration. For us, it's not about transactions but forming enduring partnerships.
  • Limitless Innovation: In the digital realm, the sky's the limit. We constantly push boundaries, ensuring your digital presence stands out and leaves a mark.
  • Unwavering Commitment: Our dedication isn't just until the conference starts. We're with you through every phase, ensuring your digital assets evolve, adapt, and shine.
  • Clarity in Communication: Transparency is our mantra. Every step, every decision, we ensure you're in the loop, making the journey seamless and efficient.
  • Bespoke Design: No two conferences are alike. Unlike other providers, we prioritize understanding your unique needs, crafting solutions that resonate with your vision.
  • Reliability & Support: In the bustling world of conferences, you need a reliable digital ally. We're that steadfast presence, always ready to assist, optimize, and improve.

🎉 Exciting Opportunities for Conference Organisers!

The post-Covid era has brought an unprecedented demand for our elite services. With our dedication to "quality over quantity", we consistently offer unparalleled attention to each project.

Good News: Our team has expanded, creating an opening for two additional conference or summit projects in the next 6 months. One slot has already been filled, so don't delay!

Why choose us?

- Personalised Concierge Service: Every customer is treated as a VIP, with returning clients jumping to the front of the queue.

- Dedication: Our limited number of concurrent projects ensures our unwavering attention to your conference's success.

- Quality Over Quantity: We focus on delivering the absolute best, not the most.

Secure your Strategy Call Now: Secure your place in our schedule for the upcoming months and also gain priority notifications for any future slots. This isn't just a call—it's a pathway to becoming a trusted partner.

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