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Welcome to the future of event management, where every detail of your conference is at your fingertips. Presso crafts bespoke conference apps that blend seamless functionality with intuitive design, ensuring your attendees enjoy a rich, interactive experience. From real-time updates to networking nirvana, your Presso-powered app becomes the heartbeat of your event.

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What is an Event Apps

In today's digitally-driven world, conference apps have become essential tools, bridging the gap between virtual engagement and in-person events. These apps serve as the interactive hub for attendees, providing schedules, speaker bios, networking opportunities, and much more. Whether you're planning to DIY or hire an expert team, understanding the creation and implementation of these apps is crucial for any event organiser. On this page, we'll unpack what conference apps are, delve into the process of making one that resonates with your brand, and guide you on what to look for when choosing a partner to bring your digital vision to life.

Conference Apps: Elevating Events from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Conference apps are the secret weapon for elevating an event from good to unforgettable. They consolidate schedules, speaker bios, networking opportunities, and more into a single, accessible platform. But it's not just about information; it's about interaction. Real-time polling, Q&A sessions, and social feeds transform passive attendees into active participants. With Presso, you harness the full potential of engagement, ensuring each attendee's experience is personal and memorable.

Key Considerations:

Ensure the app is intuitive for all user demographics. Simplicity is key to adoption and engagement.
Look for apps that seamlessly integrate with other tools and platforms, such as registration systems and social media.
Choose an app that provides insightful analytics, so you can measure engagement and improve future events.

What to Do:

Test Thoroughly:
Before the event, conduct extensive testing across different devices to ensure reliability.
Promote Early:
Get the app into the hands of your attendees well before the event to build excitement and familiarity.
Gather Feedback:
Use the app to collect attendee feedback in real-time to make immediate improvements and inform future events.

Custom Apps: The Canvas for Your Event's Digital Identity

Custom apps go beyond basic functionality; they're a canvas for your event's identity, a digital space where your brand's story unfolds. Every swipe and tap is an opportunity to impress and immerse your audience in a narrative uniquely yours. At Presso, we understand that each event is a reflection of its host. We delve into what makes your event special to create features that aren't just useful but are also a testament to your brand's character and your event's purpose.

Key Considerations:

Brand Alignment:
The app's design should be an extension of your event's branding, providing a consistent visual and emotional experience.
Feature Relevance:
Customize features based on the event's objectives and attendee needs, avoiding unnecessary complexity.
Ensure the app can grow with your event, adding new features or content as needed.

What to Do:

Prioritise Content:
Work with your agency to ensure the most important information is front and center in the app.
Engage Through Features:
Utilise interactive features like live polls and Q&A to increase attendee participation.
Iterate and Update:
Post-event, review app performance and user feedback to refine the app for subsequent events.


Step into the digital vanguard of the conference world. Claim your complimentary strategy session and explore a world where event technology elevates your brand to new heights. Our expertise is your advantage—seize this chance to craft a user experience that leaves a lasting impression. But just like the early bird spots at a keynote speech, our consultation slots are filling up fast. Don't wait—secure your strategic edge today!

Agency Expertise: Orchestrating Your Event's Digital Symphony

The right agency doesn't just build your app; it orchestrates a symphony of skills to create harmony between your event's goals and technology. Presso's multi-disciplinary team is like a well-conducted orchestra, with experts in UX design, mobile technology, and event management ensuring your app hits the right notes. We champion your needs, ensuring that the technology not only serves its purpose but also plays to the rhythm of your event's unique atmosphere.

Key Considerations:

Expertise Diversity:
An agency should offer a broad skill set, from strategic planning to technical execution.
Regular updates and open channels of communication are vital for ensuring alignment on the project.
Post-Launch Support:
Ongoing support is crucial for addressing any issues that arise and keeping the app up-to-date.

What to Do:

Define Objectives:
Clearly communicate your goals and expectations with the agency from the outset.
Collaborate Closely:
Stay involved in the development process to ensure the end product aligns with your vision.
Plan for Post-Event:
Work with the agency to define a roadmap for the app beyond the initial launch.
Continuous Support: Keeping the Pulse of Your App Alive

Like any thriving ecosystem, a conference app needs nurturing to remain robust and relevant. Presso stands guard, ensuring the longevity of your app with vigilant updates, security checks, and performance tuning. Our ongoing support and maintenance echo our commitment to your event's enduring success. We're not just about launch day fanfare; we're about ensuring your digital presence thrives in an ever-evolving tech landscape.

Key Considerations:

Maintenance Schedule:
Regular updates should be scheduled to keep the app secure and functional.
User Support:
A plan should be in place for providing users with help and support when needed.
Evolution Strategy:
The app should evolve based on technological advancements and user feedback.

What to Do:

Monitor Performance:
Keep an eye on app performance metrics to identify and resolve issues promptly.
Encourage Feedback:
Make it easy for users to report issues and suggest improvements.
Stay Current:
Regularly update content and features to maintain relevance and interest.

Our Services

Choose the level of service that is right for you.

Presso Ultra

£29,999 /event

This is the ultimate white-glove concierge service with everything built and managed for you, including on-site support.

  • Custome Build App and Website
  • On-site Support Included *
  • Advanced Analytics and Post Event Report
  • VIP Support (6 hours)
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Presso Premium

£4,999 /event

When you need something more, you should upgrade and get a premium website and the app set up for you.

  • Premium App + Website
  • On-site Support (£1,199/day) *
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Premium Support (24-hours)
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Presso Standard

£2,999 /event

Just need an app for youre event and a place to sell tickets, this is it. You get a dedicated space to build your app.

  • Managed and Hosted App
  • Managed and hosted on own domain
  • Basic Analytics
  • Standard Support (36-hour)
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*On-site support is billed per event day, including any required travel days before and after the conference. Depending on the conference size, this includes 1 or 2 support personnel. Please note, travel, accommodation, meals, and incidental expenses will incur additional charges.

The Presso Commitment

Your Event, Our Guarantee: Success or 110% Back*

Step into the spotlight with confidence. We promise a digital platform that reflects your event's spirit. If our service doesn't meet your expectations, we don't just refund you; we go beyond, with a 110% guarantee. Because your success is the measure of ours.

*We're choosy about our partnerships to ensure impeccable service. Space is limited — let's explore if we're the right fit for your event's digital ascent.

Frequently asked questions

Have a different question and can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our support team by sending us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

What exactly is a conference app?
A conference app is a digital tool designed specifically for conference attendees and organisers. It typically provides information about the event, schedules, speaker profiles, interactive maps, networking tools, and other features that enhance the conference experience.
How is a convention app different from a conference app?
While the terms "convention" and "conference" are sometimes used interchangeably, a convention often refers to larger gatherings that might span multiple industries or interests. A convention app might have broader features catering to a wider audience, while a conference app tends to be more specialised.
What makes an event app stand out?
A top-tier event app offers a seamless user experience, real-time updates, interactive features like polling or Q&A sessions, and intuitive navigation. Personalised schedules, networking tools, and integrated feedback mechanisms can also set an app apart.
How can I create my own event planner app?
Creating an event planner app requires a blend of technical expertise and understanding of event dynamics. While there are DIY platforms available, working with specialised agencies (like Presso) ensures a bespoke solution tailored to your event's unique needs.
How do event apps enhance the attendee experience?
Event apps streamline information access, facilitate networking, and can offer gamification features to boost engagement. They can also provide real-time updates, offer personalised schedules, and gather feedback instantly.
What are some essential features for an event app?
Must-have features include event schedules, speaker bios, interactive maps, real-time notifications, networking tools, and feedback mechanisms. Depending on the event, features like live polling, session booking, or e-ticketing might also be crucial.
How can I effectively promote my event app to attendees?
While the digital world is dynamic, our strategies are designed for both immediate impact and long-term growth. You'll start seeing improvements in engagement and digital traction in a short span, with more profound results developing over time.
How does Presso's approach to conference apps differ from other providers?
While many providers offer off-the-shelf solutions or templates, Presso believes in crafting bespoke apps that truly resonate with the essence of your event. We prioritise transparency, with clear pricing and no hidden fees, ensuring you're never left in the dark. Our commitment to collaborating closely with event organisers means we offer not just a product, but a dedicated partnership, ensuring the app we develop aligns perfectly with your vision and goals.
Are there specific tools or platforms recommended for building conference apps?
There are several platforms available for building conference apps, ranging from DIY solutions to bespoke development services. The best choice depends on your event's scale, budget, and specific needs. For a truly tailored solution, partnering with a specialised agency is recommended.
What makes Presso's customer experience stand out in the conference app industry?
At Presso, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled customer support. Unlike many competitors who may hand off their product and disengage, we remain a steadfast partner throughout your event's lifecycle. We're always on hand for updates, to answer attendees' questions, and to provide support on your behalf. Essentially, we become an extension of your team, ensuring the app's smooth operation and maximising its potential for success. Our philosophy is simple: we don't just deliver an app; we deliver an experience.


Your event is a story waiting to be told. Unlock its full potential with a bespoke app that turns every attendee into a protagonist. Book your free strategy session now and let's navigate the tech landscape together to create an unforgettable event journey. Spots are limited—secure yours and start your story with a bang!